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Woodworth Dscendancy Lines   Quickly determine who in the Woodworth Mail List Group are nearest your Woodworth line.   This type of "quick find" listing is unique on genealogy pages, and speeds finding researchers who share your area of interest and resources.   Not on it?  Send your line to wildwudy@aol.com for inclusion.
Early Lebanon, Connecticut Woodworths  A Database by Susan Moore.
Early Salisbury, CT, records for Woodworths.  By  Nancy Bowne Gil
         Grand (taxes owed) Lists, Salisbury, CT
         Vital Records, Salibury, CT
Lona Cappis's Database of Unconnected Woodworths,  Bits & Pieces From 18 Years Of Research.   A source of Woodworths, particularly Ohio, Michigan, and surrounding area.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Woodworths.   Many of our early Woodworths migrated  to Canada in the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick areas with the offer of free land, and some migrated back to the US.    Special research on Nova Scotia Woodworths by Keith Berry of Edmonton, Alberta

Barbour Collection, Woodworth Page Excerpts.  Keith Berry has excerpted 17 pages from 17 different Connecticut towns that list one or more Woodworths.
Revolutionary War Pensions for Woodworths  Pension papers for four Woodworths from the War of 1776.     Provided by Keith Berry.
Woodworths in DAR and SAR Records   (Provided by Bill Woodworth, our DAR/SAR man in Painted Post, NY)
Miscellaneous Woodworth Documentation provided by Dan Jenkins.   Dan Jenkins (deceased) of Scituate, MA, collected some documentation and genealogy notes from many sources.  This was a project under construction until his passing.  
Message Boards & Forums:   Good places to post "looking fors" with fairly good results.
     Rootsweb Message Board for Woodworth
      Ancestry Message Board for Woodworth   (Identical to above Rootsweb message board except for name)
      Genealogy.com Forum for Woodworth     
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The Search for Walter Woodworth's England Origin ... John Brennan's Trip Reports: In 1999, John Brennan of NY and member of the Rootsweb Woodworth genealogy list, went to England on business and did some research on Walter in his spare time.  He found two Walter Woodwards in the Gloucestershire/Liverpool/Cheshire area around 1606 who could possibly have been a parent of our Walter, but nothing beyond a possibility.  His "trip report" research and conclusions are in the Rootsweb archives at the following URLs:


Location for Gloucestershire: http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/GLS/
Location for Lancashire: http://www.lancashire.org/

1841 England census showing distribution of Woodworths   Shows number of Woodworths in each county in the 1841 census.   Compiled by Marvin "Woody" Woodworth
Location of Kent County (Shire) and other counties of  England:   Great map for finding Kent County (Kent Shire) as well as all counties of England.  Click on the counties and it brings up its cities and travel information.  Great for researching information and travel details.   And by the way, the famed Canterbury Cathedral is in Kent County, city of Canterbury.
Harry Woodworth's miscellaneous collection of Woodworth obits, marriages, and news.  Harry Woodworth of Brockton, MA, provides this info and adds to it on a periodic basis. 
Wayne County, NY Woodworths -- material collected by Jim Woodworth of North St Pete, FL:
            Farm directory Ontario and Wayne counties, NY.pdf
            History of Wayne County, NY.pdf
            Newspaper cliippings from Wayne County, NY.pdf
            Military History Wayne County, NY.pdf
Linkpendium for Woodworth   Directory of genealogy related sites.
       - Excerpts from bible for John Woodworth, #132 in Jeanette Behan book.
            JOHN 5 WOODWORTH, son of Ephraim 4 and Anna (Caleb 3, Benjamin 2, Walter 1);

       -  Excerpts from Bible.  These siblings (or ?) from Lemuel (#217)
           b15 July 1772, son of Lemuel, b. Lebanon 25 June 1735, #74 in Jeanette
           Behan's book;
             Abner Woodworth  Jan 4th 1797
             Betsy J Woodworth  July 4th 1797
             Laura O. Woodworth  April 7th 1822
             Lemuel J Woodworth  April 29 1826
             Leander B. Woodworth  (known as Buel)  March 13th 1830
             Lucius A. Woodworth  Jan 13th 1832
             Loren E. Woodworth  Oct 30th 1834
             Lucinda E Woodworth  July 23, 1839



 Unpublished Walter Woodworth manuscripts  Maurice Woodworth, James Pearce, and Jeanette Behan released unpublished manuscripts sometime in the late 1970s or or early 1980s at locations around the US that form the basis of Jeanette's book, but to which she later added much more information and updated material in her Volume 1.  What is different from her book is that her Volume 1 listed generations 1-6, and the manuscripts covered generations 1 through 12 in separate volumes based on the sons of Walter.   Susan Moore lists here the information regarding those manuscripts.  These can be ordered as "loaners" from Salt Lake City to local LDS history centers:
See  http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/woodworth/1997-08/0872395310


Books and newsletters downloadable from this site.

The Woodworth Family Newsletter   Jeanette (Woodworth) Behan (deceased) published a series of twelve Woodworth newsletters, beginning in 1984 and ending in 1986.

Walter Woodworth of Scituate, Mass   by William Atwater Woodworth, published 1898. Downloadable book.  The complete book is in word searchable, text based PDF format. (You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe to open this file.  

Descendants of Walter Woodworth, Scituate, Mass. by Elijah B. Woodworth, published in 1901    This book, despite the title, is not the genealogy of Walter Woodworth, but rather of James Woodworth, great grandchild of Walter Woodworth (Walter 1> Benjamin 2> Benjamin 3> James 4 ). Downloadable book in PDF format.   Good information for 4th generation James down.   The book is fairly short ... 40 pages or so but graphics turn it into a fairly large 1.3 meg file.   Clarifying further, the book lists the children of Walter, but does not show the children of Walter's son Thomas nor who he married,  does not show the children of Walter's son Joseph nor who he married, does not show the children of Walter's son Isaac nor who he married, etc.

Samuel (the poet) Woodworth's "Woodworth Book"   Contains many of Rev Samuel Dean's errors, but still good info on other matters.  (PDF file) The foreword by Sam's grandson states that it is obvious that Samuel just had a fresh read of the error filled Samuel Dean's book.

Life and Descendants of Selah Woodworth, 1750 - 1823, by Leon R. Brown, 1940.  Complete book shrunk down to "only" 13.2 megs in a PDF file.   Not OCRd, but has good resolution for "zoomability", or enlarging using PDF's zoom-in feature. 

Crossing the Plains   (PDF file. )    James Woodworth's diary of his 4 month wagon train journey to California.  Downloadable complete book. Using a US atlas map and James' descriptions, one can follow the actual route used by James' wagon train. 

The Ledger of Lott Woodworth.  The business ledger of Lott Woodworth (Maj), woolen manufacturer, of Cambridge, NY. Line is Walter 1, Benjamin 2, Caleb 3, William 4, Lott 5.  Book is deteriorated and varies in legibility.  Book handed down to the webmeister and brothers Bill and Kirk.

The Diary of Deacon Elihu Woodworth 1835-1836   Paul Bumpas had this on his genealogy web site until it went "down".   Paul has given permission for this web site to host the Elihu diary. 

Robert Bell and Lucy Zell Woodworth, Antecedents and Progeny, Facts and Anecdotes  by John Bell Woodworth.    A genealogy book with photos and detailed comments, written by a cousin.   PDF file courtesy of the LDS.   (8.6 meg file.)   JBW's line is Walter>Benjamin>Caleb>William>Lott>William>MalcomWilliam>RobertBell>JohnBell
NOTE:  The last page is a circular genealogy chart.  Use PDF's zoom feature for this page to enlarge for legibility.

King Philips War.   The early colonialists' misunderstandings with natives led to war with King Philip (Puritans' name for Chief Metacomet) and the Massanoit.







Temporary resource addition until Christmas 2012 (from our guy Keith Berry in Edmonton, Alberta), :

Hi all,
        Since the list has been slow these days, I thought I would spend some time adding more Vital Statistics to my Library.
       If you go to my website (below) and at the bottom of every page, go to"Libraries" and select "Other Books". Half way down the page, you will find "Vital Records". It requires a user name and password which is given there.
         Inside, you will find that I have added 11 new books to the Massachusetts Vital Records, bringing the total to 192 books covering 167 towns.
         You will also find that I have added Rhode Island. This is a complete set of James Newell Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island along with a few additional books of interest by him.
          Please pay close attention to the download suggestions. It will save some frustration.
          These files are all in the Public Domain and are free for use.
         As I have promised in the past, this library will be available free of charge until at least Christmas of 2012.
         Anyone know where I can get a full set of Barbour for Connecticut??
Good Hunting
Keith Berry
Edmonton, Canada

The Nova Scotia Eatons

Cyndi's List on Getting Your Start in Genealogy     Tutorials in genealogy, how-to's, guidelines, ethics, etc.
Cyndi's List    A wealth of information on everything pertaining to genealogy.
New Brunswick Archives    Good for New Brunswick cemeteries and vital stats  (Link provided by Keith Berry of Edmonton, AB)                (Lots of our Woodworths have migrated both ways across the Canadian/US border).
The History of King's County by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton. (King's County, Nova Scotia)   (And the Eaton author is kin to our Keith Berry(Google book link)  (Provided by Alfred Woodworth, NB, CA)
The index in the back of the book is incomplete for Woodworths.  To find all Woodworths in the book, click here
New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics  Extracts of obits, etc, from New Brunswick newspapers.  452 Woodworth records.   (Provided by Iris Woodworth-Watson)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics
          Includes Woodworth  Births:    75                             Covers:  Births: 1864-1877
                                           Marriages: 350                                       Marriages 1864-1930
                                           Deaths:    271                                         Deaths: 1864-1877 and 1908-1955
(Link provided by Keith Berry of Edmonton, AB)
Shortcuts to Many Woodworth Sources   GenealogyBuff.com provides pre-completed searches for "Woodworth" on many genealogy sites.  
Rootsweb WorldConnect   55,000+ Woodworth entries with downloadable GEDCOM files.  (NOTE:  All of the information on Ancestry's fee based "One World Tree" is in Rootsweb's free "World Connect".) 
Search Rootsweb's Woodworth Mail List Archives by threads
Tutorical on how to effectively use Rootsweb's new archives search engine.
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War     Search database for Woodworth Civil War veteran gravesites and information, and also perform a service of adding civil war veterans for those known but missing from the database.    
Chute Genealogy - (Woodworth section)  This is a link to the book on Google.  The whole book can be downloaded as a PDF file (15mb).  Or one can word search within the book online.  Or one can cause specific pages to be scanned and converted to digital text and then copied to one's computer, but the formatting doesn't match the book.   (Link provided by Gail Simpson)
Albert County, New Brunswick Genweb Scott Kletke hosts this site, and says there is a ton of Woodworths on it.
Jim Woodworth's (of Spokane) Page    892 Woodworths listed on his World Connect page.
Woodworth Family Facts on Ancestry    Some statistics compiled by Ancestry
An extensive list of Woodworth books on World Cat   Lists Woodworth books and how close one is to a library that contains that particular book.

FindAGrave  Millions of cemetery records.  Lots of Woodworths.  And can leave comments, add information, and interact with others.   Consider contributing obits and headstone pics for others.
Access Genealogy  
Nation Wide Gravesite Locator
US GenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project

Woodworths on Linkpendium  Lots of stuff.  Some free Woodworth biographies, photos, and obits.  But has pay materials, too.
Woodworths in NY on Family Search  This particular search provides images of original documents on the LDS site for Woodworths in NY.  Some searches don't have images and some do.  At time of writing, only 13% of the image entries are complete.  Try your luck at what is available in the different collections.   (Link provided by Barbara Bouton)
All Woodworths on Family Search  (44,310 Woodworths listed)   Alter the search as needed.  One may be unable to download images until after establishing an account, which is free.   I found an 1870 census image for my great grandfather and downloaded it after after registering (free).
:LDS has scanned 10,000 history books and placed on line, but not necessarily viewable on line.  (from Scott Kletke)
Woodworths in the Civil War   438 Woodworths are listed in the National Park Service's records.  Also provides location on microfilm so that one can make a separate search for detailed records.
Map of Early Little Compton (called Seconet in Walter's will)   This is a map of early Little Compton about dated approx 1672 showing nine properties of Walter Woodworth and three of Benjamin Woodworth.    These properties were mentioned in Walter's will.   A later description in Bayles HISTORY OF NEW PLYMOUTH states that William Bradford confirmed to the proprietors in a deed/grant that the following were in fact the proprietors of the land in Little Compton:  Joseph Church, Benjamin Church, Willaim Southworth, William Fobes, John Rouse, Thomas Ward, Nathaniel Warren, John Shearman, Benjamin Woodworth, Isaac Woodworth, Thomas Woodworth, Joseph Woodworth, Edward, Richmond, William Padodie, Thomas Gray, John Rogers, John Irish, Simon Rouse, Peter Collamore, Josiah Cook, and John Washburn.  (Large PDF file. 44megs.  When opened in Adobe Reader, you must zoom in 400% or more to see adequate detail.)  
Golden Rules of Genealogy  The golden rules on one page.  (PDF file)  Acquired from Corina Millegan Kusch
Book:  The Damon Family Family.  Listing some of the Ohio descendants of Amos Damon of Rochester Chesterfield Mass and tracing his genealogy hack back to John Jonathon Damon the Immigrant ancestor who came to Scituatee Mass about 1628.   CompIled by Richard Van Deusen   This is a link to the book located on Keith Berry's web site.   Applies to the controversy over the name of Benjamin (2) second wife, HANNAH (PERHAPS) DAMON.
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy  Extensive guide to genealogy with lots of help and resource links.  Provided by a young man named Ryan ..... . from California.



History of the Woodworth Family Cemetery, Mequon, Ozaukee Count, WI.   From the WSGS Newsletter Vol. 26 No. 1 June 1979. Gives names and history of Woodworths buried there.   Information provided by Ann Hawkins.




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