Mount Woodworth, California

"Mt. Woodworth" is in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park.  Elevation: 12, 219 feet.  

"Named about 1888 for Benjamin R. Woodworth, a resident of Fresno, who was with a camping party in Simpson Meadow at the time." (Farquhar: L. A. Winchell.) - Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

"Benjamin R. Woodworth, who lived for a time in Fresno; son of Commander Selim Woodworth, U.S.N., who came to California from Oregon in 1850. Named about 1888 when Woodworth was with a camping party in Simpson Meadow."   (L. A. Winchell.)  

Benjamin Russell Woodworth, who named the mountain, was the grandson of the famous poet Samuel Woodworth, author of the "Old Oaken Bucket".

It is impossible to see Mount Woodworth except by plane, helicopter, or hiking at least ten miles deep into wilderness area.   One cannot see Mt Woodworth from any road.  Hiking to just to see any part of Mt Woodworth would require at least one overnight stay deep in wilderness area.  While one can view east down the canyon from Forest Road 180 in the direction of Mount Woodworth, the nearby Tunumah Peak is in front of Mt Woodworth and completely blocks the view.   From the roads (Federal hwy 395 and nearby) east of the range, many peaks block the view of Mt Woodworth.  

Actually reaching the summit of Mt. Woodworth is a rough trek of days through wilderness area.  After a day's rugged hike, once one finally reaches Simpson Meadow, located below Tunemah and Woodworth, one can finally see Mount Woodworth.  See interactive map for Simpson Meadow.  

The best road location to view the general direction of Mt. Woodworth (WITHOUT ACTUALLY SEEING IT)  is looking northeast from Forest Road 180 down the valley of "Middle Fork Kings River".   This point on the road would be near where the words "SUMMER ONLY" appears on the map at the bottom.  


Below:  A portion of Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park containing Mt. Woodworth


Below:  Map of Kings Canyon/Sequoia

Summit of Mt Woodworth

Mt Woodworth peak and Devil's Crags on the left. 
Mt Johnson and Mt Goode in the distance on the right.

Benjamin Woodworth's view of Mt Woodworth from Simpson Meadow.
This peaceful meadow, deep in wilderness area, is where Benjamin's party camped.


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