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JUNE 25 , 2016 -- West Coast Reunion.  Carl and Karen Webb will again host the next west coast Woodworth reunion in Stockton, CA, at the Jack Tone Ranch on Saturday, June 25, 2016.   See the Woodworth Family Association, Inc web site for details.  The reunion runs from about 10AM to late afternoon that Saturday.


JULY 24, 2016 --  Central US Reunion.   The family of Edward and Clara Woodworth, Ursa, Illinois, began having family reunions in 1942.   In recent years, the family has opened up the reunion to all Woodworths, and all Woodworths are invited.  Noon to ???   For details. see:   Woodworth reunion in Ursa, IL


June ? thru ?, 2017 -- East coast reunion in Springfield, Illinois:   For more information on the Woodworth Descendants Reunion 2017, see http://www.woodworthfamily.org/    To ensure that you're on their mailing list, send an e-mail to the point of contact, Diane (Woodworth) Liebert, diane@woodworthfamily.org.


West Coast


East Coast



Woodworth Descendants Reunion 2015
was held June 7-10, 2015, in Lake George, NY at the Wingate Hotel.  Click here for photos.

 Pictures of the 2014 WFAI reunion held at the Jack Tone Ranch, Stockton, CA


The 2013 East Coast Woodworth reunion
was in June in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, near the Bay of Fundy, the area where many of Walter Woodworth's descendants migrated.  See
Rodger Wood's 2013 reunion pics    On that page, go to the upper right and click on "Slideshow" for full screen pics.
     Attendees can buy pictures of the reunion from Rodger Wood, our own professional photographer.  
Click here for details.

PS:   See Keith Berry's (our Edmonton, AB contributor)locator map that shows cemeteries containing names of Woodworths in Bay of Fundy reunion area cemeteries, landmarks, Woodworth homes, the reunion inn, and much more.

Pictures of West Coast Reunion 2012   2011 reunion pictures by Roger Wood
 Pictures of West Coast Reunion 2010   2009 Reunioin pics by Rodger Wood
Pictures of West Coast Reunion 2008   Pics of 2007 Reunion, Scituate.

This one takes a while to download:
Pics of 2007 Reunion in Powerpoint (32mb)
When it opens, place mouse on picture, right click, then click on "Full Sreen".

Pictures of West Coast Reunion 2006   Pictures of June 2005 Plymouth/Scituate reunion
Pictures of Woodworth West Coast Reunion of 2004    

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